Fee: 40 € (for 4 practices on Thursday or on Saturday). Register now!


Thursday 9.00-10.30

or Saturday 9.00-10.30


In the open air or, in the event of rain, in the sports arena.


Cinzia Pandiani


The benefits of  Kundalini yoga are of a psycho-physical kind. Since this type of yoga is above all energy enhancing, the focus is neither on your body nor on the precision of the positions, which are taken in order to enhance your energy or to stimulate precise magnetic points. Physical well-being and body tone are just the secondary effects of this type of yoga, the purpose of which is to stimulate your energy.

Physical benefits include: enhanced cardiovascular, nervous, digestive and lymphatic systems and a more balanced glandular system.

Psychological benefits include: more balanced emotions, greater clarity in decision-making; much less stress and anxiety; deep-down conflict resolution; improved interpersonal relations.